Lily Ashley b. 1992

Lily Ashley is a multi-disciplinary artist and poet, living and working in London.


Through her performances, film-making, and photography, Lily has explored many different artistic outlooks. She has also conceived and performed in plays, such as The Girl Who Gave Birth to Herself (2013) There's a Monster in the Lake (2014-2015), You Are Me And I Am You (2016), Mary Mary Quite Contrary (2018) and The Slinks (2019).

Lily started writing poetry and performing at poetry events in London in 2016, both on her own and with James Messiah and Grace Pilkington, with who she formed a poetry collective, Little Grape Jelly (2017). Together they published a book of poetry called ‘Hell-P Me’ (2016-2017) Lily’s poetry practice is audience-oriented, with performance playing an important role in her output.


Lily studied performance design and practice at Central Saint Martins, London, and is trained in the Miesner technique. Lily’s education continued at the Ecole Philippe Gaulier, Paris, where she met Hugo Hamlet with whom she formed Voo Le Voo (2018), an enduring artistic partnership.