Sol Bailey Barker British, b. 1987

Sol Bailey Barker is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily with sculpture, sound, video and performance. Bailey Barker's practice is informed by the development of technologies that were for millennia seen as sacred for their transformative power upon the landscape and their influence over life and death. His work seeks to trace these technological developments back to their ancient alchemical and shamanic origins. Through examining universal global symbolism and the archetypes that have formed our cultural identities, he seeks to find the links that connect seemingly disparate societies across the ages. Creating abstract sculptures and building immersive installations he creates a tangible connection to this ephemeral past and reveals how it continues to influence our present and our future.  


It is often believed that the technologies we have, are newly invented, in reality humanity has been continuously developing these technologies for thousands of years, from the stone axes that cleared the forests for agriculture to the numerical systems that organised civilisations.