Nathan Bertet

Nathan Bertet is a French artist completing his final year at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He lives and works in Palaiseau, France. 


Bertet arrives at this deep colour by layering dozens of hues across the colour spectrum and then overlaying them with a deep burgundy-purple. Colour reaches out from under the surface, the eye detecting light beneath darkness. It can take weeks to build the layers. The final resulting monochrome contains the marks of a moment, built like a standing stone on a windy beach, gathering sand on one side as the wind blows. Inspired by textual philosophical and literary references, including the writings of Vladimir Jankélévitch and Henri Bergson, Nathan Bertet’s paintings and works on paper open a space between pure abstraction and figuration, where the analytical idea and sympathetic emotion can coexist. 

In 2021, Bertet exhibited a series of deep purple monochromes in his first degree show, titled Remonter la pente (Moving up the slope). This is his first show in London.