Waterways: Online exhibition

1 May - 30 July 2021

Waterways is an online exhibition executed as a walk along the path of the lost River Tyburn. Positioning works in sites along the path, the resulting photographs became the virtual show. Included in the exhibition are artists Lily Ashley, Sol Bailey Barker, Rosie Marks, Angus McCrum, Pietro Moretti, Orfeo Tagiuri and Io Worthington.

Waterways traces the course of the River Tyburn. Culverted - bricked over to make room for London’s expansion - in 1750, the river still runs below ground in pipes and tunnels, from its source Hampstead, through Regent’s Park and Marylebone, and down to St James’s, when it splits into streams which make up Thorney Island, where Westminster Abbey stands.

In Waterways, the lost river’s hidden flow into the Thames mirrors the idea of intimate histories joining an individual’s complete identity, like tributaries.